About Us


For more than a decade now, UNITED METALS USA is doing an excellent business with consistency, in dealing with Rare Metals of all types ranging from Ancient Coins to Copper Iridium Rice Pullers, Rare Herbs and Other Antique items.

We believe that commitment and sincerity is a basic necessity, (and ofcourse, very much necessary) for any successful bussiness. At UNITED METALS USA we just follow that. Apart from the commitment and sincerity we show, we have a team of well trained staffs, who add extra strength to the organisation. Any work in our organisation is carried out with utmost sincerity, with the end result in mind.

We look forward for serious business partners who posses or in need of Antique items (details of which is given in the later sections). We assure you a smooth bussiness-transactions, at all times during the deal.

Our Mission:

UNITED METALS USA is committed to procuring some of the world’s most “strangest” things, either for R&D or simply because we know a few people who are willing to pay a huge price for it outside India. We are indeed, one of the most established companies in Asia that have always been intrigued, fascinated and all the more ardent to bust myths and to explore the unknown.

We know exactly what we want, because we are the only ones in Asia and probably the only organisation in the world, who have boldly made a statement by acquiring licenses to trade in all sorts of weird phenomenon objects that might interest a few of our esteemed clients. We are so dedicated, that even our Company Certificates and Licenses took almost three years to compile. India is a land of mythical objects and every week, we get over a dozen enquiries about things which we thought never existed.